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RéV 6 and RéV 6+


Product Description


Introducing the all new RéV 6™ with FlextTail technology.

The RéV 6™ is a giant leap forward from the FlexTail™, which made ski design history with its first-in-the-sport laterally flexing tail.  The RéV 6™ is the result of an additional year of rigorous research and R&D on the FlexTail™ technology. This time allowed us to learn even more about the potential of lateral flex and how to maximize it the water ski course.


New Length-to-Width Ratio
With a new length-to-width ratio, the RéV 6™ becomes longer, providing more stability and speed out of the turn, while its Flextail helps turn the ski in perfect harmony with the arc of the turn. 


Advanced Engineering and Construction
By combining Rev 6’s remarkably enhanced shape along with its advance aerospace Nano carbon fiber construction, we created a ski that will take your skiing to the next level. 

rev6-ftwithbackbopneandfinboxsidebyside-2.jpgRéV 6+ Now Available 
Our ongoing R&D process has discovered that some skiers - namely those who aggressively crank their turns - benefit from the decreased tip pressure created by increased lateral stiffness in the ski’s tail section.   
To accommodate these skiers, we’ve created the RéV 6+, which features the same championship-winning shape and construction as the RéV 6, but with a quarter-inch wider backbone that results in 2.5-times more lateral stiffness.   
Due to it’s increased lateral stiffness, the RéV 6+ gives the feel of a bigger ski, allowing skiers to ski a slightly smaller ski than they normally would without sacrificing cross-course performance.
 Experience the RéV 6™

Experience for yourself how the increased efficiency of the RéV 6™ allows you to carry more speed from the buoy line to the first wake, leaving you up-course and ahead of the boat . For more information on our blog about the RéV 6 official introduction, click here.


Available sizes and recommended sizing:

64.25" - up to 120 lbs.

65.75" - 110 lbs. to 150 lbs.

66.5" - 140 lbs. to 180 lbs.

67.25" - 170 lbs. to 200 lbs.

68" - 190 lbs. and up. 


Product Videos

GOODE RéV 6 - Official Introduction Video (05:09)
Innovation/Process The RéV 6 is a giant leap forward from the FlexTail, which made ski design history with its first-in-the-sport laterally flexing tail. The RéV 6 is the result of an additional year of rigorous research and R&D on the FlexTail technology. The time allowed us to learn even more about the potential of lateral flex and how to maximize it. The result of all that effort is a newly refined length-to-width ratio that perfectly matches the high-performance characteristics of the FlexTail technology. Whenever there is a huge leap forward in technology in any industry or sport, it takes a bit of time – and a lot of hard work – to fully maximize the potential. The extra year of R&D has allowed us to do that with the RéV 6 and it’s paying off for the test team in extra buoys and rave reviews. Characteristics/Results The RéV 6 works in perfect harmony with the lateral flex induced by the FlexTail – creating the speed of a longer ski and the turning characteristics of a shorter one. The RéV 6 generates a mind-blowing amount of speed from the buoy line to the first wake, leaving the skier up-course and advancing on the boat. This makes it easier to maintain proper line control – the skier isn’t overloading and then having to bleed off speed – leading to less physical exertion and fatigue. Earlier skiing that’s easier on the body gets you more buoys.
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Product Reviews

  1. Tami has not had the opportunity to use her new rev 6 and probably won't until !!! pring.... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Jan 2017

    We are very happy with how the ski looks, the custom graphics are "Awsome" everyone, especially Mary Goff were extremely helpful. We can't say enough nice things about the experience... Only one critique, a little more care should be taken when cutting Velcro to keep it even and straight!

  2. Best Ski I Have Ever Been On! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Aug 2016

    After just one demo set on this new Rev6+, and I knew this ski was going to help me reach my goals! The new Rev6+ was the perfect fit for me and my style of skiing with a little extra lateral stiffness. Having only owned it for 1 week, in my first tournament on the ski I posted a season tournament best. In the second tournament I blew my season average out of the water by 4 buoys with a score of 2@39.5' OFF! This ski is helping me reach to the next level!

  3. Revolutionary Rev 6 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Mar 2016

    I have been a part of Team Goode since the very first Big Dawg stop in Ohio at David Millers Lake in 2004. (The other David Miller)I am thrilled to say this most recent ski (Rev 6) that I had part in design and testing is the best ski I have ever skied on to date. The amount of effort exerted cross course is at least 30 percent less than any ski prior and the ski moves in and out of the Bouy with no hesitation or that stop and go feeling. Sometimes I have the feeling when a ski is less effort and easy to ski on I lose consistency but with the Rev 6 I have the best of both worlds. I am proud to be part of the design team at Team Goode and confident in stating that Rev 6 is the best ski to come out of the Goode factory to date. Dave Miller